Blowout Bar

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Blowout Bar

Dry Bar Services start at $43. Choose from the following styles…

Beachy Blowdry

Tousled waves and carefree texture. A windblown look with a sultry feel.

Sophisticated Blowdry

Sophisticated, sleek, romantic and polished look with a vintage touch.

Just Curls or Braids

Beautiful curls or braids added to clean, dry hair to give you a soft, feminine, finished look.

Special Day Blowdry

Carefully constructed glamorous look using a round brush or a curling iron set.

Everyday Blowdry

A flirty look with movement and bounce. For hot tools or round brush set $17 will be added.

Classic Pony

Classic ponytail on clean, dry hair.

Pricing may vary based on length and thickness of the hair and level of Stylist performing the service.